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Deciding to get into the real estate business is a major move in one’s career path. People from various professions and occupations do decide to make the jump to becoming a real estate agent for many reasons.

Some of the reasons I hear the most are, I would like the flexibility of working for myself and setting my own schedule, another is, I want the unlimited potential to earn an unlimited income. There are MANY specialized professions SUCH as residential and commercial sales, to mortgage loan originations, to property management, leasing and many more, I have found that residential home sales is the fastest and most lucrative direction to follow as the sheer volume of residential homes makes the opportunities endless as real estate is the largest asset class, nothing comes close as an industry.

Always remember that there are a lot of decisions you need to make , real estate requires a full commitment and if you want to succeed you must learn the basics and this is how you go about it.



To be eligible to become a licensed real estate sales person or agent, you must.

  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • You must be truthful and honest (you must pass a criminal background test).
  • Complete your required pre-license education.
  • Pass your state real estate license examination.

You will need to enroll in a pre-licensing course, you can apply for a home-study and on-line real estate education. In California you need to complete 3 required courses in as little as 7 ½ weeks. Once you have completed the required 3 courses you can then take the state test, once you pass the state test you will then get your license and start your career as a real estate professional!


Order your pre-license course which must include the two required courses, Practice and Principles, and 1 elective course, SLP highly recommends “The legal aspects of Real Estate” as this will help you the most to pass the state test. You can order the “books” or the “on-line” method, whichever you are more comfortable studying for the test.

SLP recommends that you apply for the DUANE GOMER’S CALIFORNIA REAL ESTATE LICENSE SALESPERSONS COURSES, as we feel this is the most comprehensive course available, they also have the:

  • On-line practice quizzes
  • On-line final exams with printable course certificates
  • Live exam prep (Crash Course)!

Once you complete the 3 courses you will qualify to take the state test. You can schedule to take the state test by visiting the California Department of Real Estate ( and apply for the state test. Please read the “do’s and don’ts for exam applicants and check the current processing time frames to determine when your application will be processed. You can use the on-line “elicensing” system to schedule your exam date. The exam dates are generally one month out from the time you schedule to take your test, please check the current schedule. Please read all of the details on the DRE website for examinees as there are some details and procedures you want to be familiar with like, what’s forms of identification you will need to show them, time of test, retaking the test, etc.


After you pass your test you will then be ready to work under a licensed broker. This is a very exciting time as you will be starting your career as a Real Estate Professional! If you choose, SLP will mentor you as we have been in the business for over 30 years with over 75,000 closed transactions in the business. Learn how to be fully transparent and successful with a wide range of skills from legal aspects to construction methods and much more!